For over 20 years, Medical Gas Services, Inc. has been supplying equipment, servicing, installing, repairing as well as providing conducting testing and certification.

Currently, we continue to provide certification and testing programs for small and large medical complexes throughout the state.

Medical Gas Services, Inc. is highly proficient in testing and certification procedures under the NFPA 99 and 2002 codes and other regulatory applications.

On-Site Services

Medical Piped Gas Testing

We provide many hospitals and surgery centers with annual testing of medical piping, arrange for third party verification subsequent to any changes in the system, repairs and implement preventative maintenance programs as prescribed by NFPA & JCAHO standards.

Our list of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Annual Inspections
  • High-Pressure Gas Purity Sampling
  • Medical Gas Purity Sampling
  • System Design Consultation
  • Interim Site Inspections
  • Installer Orientation
  • Drawing and Specification Review
  • Systems Evaluation
  • CAD Design
  • Gas Delivery